In case you are not registered in the event, please access the menu “REGISTRATION” and fulfill the form. Insert a valid e-mail address since all notifications regarding the abstract will happen electronically via this address.

The submission system will inform that your data was registered successfully and will show the button “CLICK HERE” to access your restrict area. Once you access this button click in the menu “MY ABSTRACTS” and follow the instructions.

You will not need to subscribe again in your future accesses, since you will already be registered in the system. In this case, just enter your login and password previously registered and access your restrict area.



• Deadline for abstracts submission: August 26, 2019
• Notification of approved abstracts: starting october 11, 2019



There is no need to pay the event registration at the time of the registration. The author responsible for the abstract submission should perform the payment by November 04, 2019, after the notice of approved abstracts.

Discount registration values will be applied following the dates available in the “Registration Rates” table at the event website regardless the approval of abstracts. You will need to respect the dates in this table in order to ensure registration with discount.

Carefully review your abstract before submitting it. Eventual changes will be allowed only until the abstract submission deadline.

The author responsible for the abstract submission should fulfill all the gaps in the online form. All the information concerning the abstract will be notified to this author by the registered e-mail. This author will be in charge of informing the co-authors.

Choose an abstract category according to the options bellow:  

  • Oral Presentation
  • Oral presentation in English (This is mandatory in order to run for the awards)
  • Poster presentation

After the abstract submission, an automatic e-mail message will be send to the responsible author (submitting author) in order to confirm the registered information. In case you do not receive this automatic e-mail message at the submission day, your abstract may not be registered correctly. In this case, inform the occurrence via the e-mail address

The submitting author must be registered and attend to the event.

There is no abstracts limit per author.
There is no authors limit per abstract.

: All the material resulting from the abstracts (annals and certificates among others) will be a faithful reproduction of the information registered by the submitting author. Thus, it will not be possible to perform any tittle, abstract or authors spelling alterations after the abstract submission deadline. The registered information is entirely responsibility of the submitting author.

The submitting author will be able to opt for a preferential category for the abstract’s presentation. However, the Scientific Commission has the right to alter this option.

The Scientific Commission’s final decision is supreme, irrevocable and unappealable, and will not be reviewed. Abstracts not selected for oral presentation can be presented as posters. The authors will be informed of this decision.

When submitting the abstracts the authors agree to the legislation and ethical standards governing research with humans and animals, including the approval by the Ethics Committees in Research and Clinical Ethics in Animal Research:

» Adrenal

» Basic science

» Growth

» Diabetes and hypoglycemia

» Genetics

» Pituitary/hypothalamus

» Mineral metabolism and vitamin D

» Tumors

» Obesity

» Puberty e Gender differentiation disorders

» Thyroid

» Others


All the abstracts should be submitted in English language.

All the abstracts selected for Oral Presentation should have the slides prepared in English language.

All the abstracts selected for the award competition should have the slides, the presentation and the discussion in English language.

The abstracts title must be concise and reflect the study to be presented. The content of the abstract should be related to the chosen topic.

The abstract text must not exceed 2.500 characters considering spaces, and the titles limited to 250 characters.

The abstract must be written in full body and following this suggested sequence: Context, Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusion. This suggestion does not apply to Case Reports / Clinical Cases.   

Poster abstracts - Case Reports must be structured like: Case presentation, Discussion and Final Comments. No references should be included.

The Institution in which the study was performed, as well as the author’s names, should not be mentioned in the title or the abstract.

Graphs and tables will not be allowed in the abstracts.

References, acknowledgments and financial support are not mandatory and if included in the abstracts should be considered as a part of the abstract’s full body and presented at the end of it.

Results based in affirmatives like “results will be presented” or “data will be analyzed” will not be considered. The results should be presented as clear as possible and the conclusions must be based in the data presented.

Obs.: The abstracts will be evaluated only if the English writing is correct.




  1. Presenters must elaborate a 10 minutes presentation in Power Pointer format and deliver it to Media Desk, at the event site, at least 1h prior to the start of the presentation session. Please, bring the presentation on a USB flash drive.
  2. Authors of abstracts approved as “Finalists Oral Presentation” must make the slides and the oral presentation in English. The others must make the slides in English but are allowed to present in English, Portuguese or Spanish. 
  3. In the finalists’ session (session 9 and 10) the presenter will have 10 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for discussion. In the other sessions the presenter will have 10 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion.
  4. Changes in date and time will not be allowed.

Click here and check your presentation’s date and time
Note: the use of own computer will not be allowed,
as it impairs the progress of activities.


  1. Measures for making the poster: 0.90 (ninety centimeters) width x 1.0 (one meter) height. In the upper part of the poster should be included: Title, authors, institution, state and country, and the abstract code informed in the approved abstracts list. This code is very important because from it you will know where to affix your poster at the venue.
  2. The posters must be affixed on 21st November from 7h30 to 11h and removed on 23rd November at 16h15. The poster panels will be located in the congress exhibition area, at the Espaço Tuguá. The presenter will have 6 minutes for presentation including debate.
  3. Authors of abstracts approved as “Poster” must make the poster in English, but are allowed to present in English, Portuguese or Spanish. 
  4. Bring rope or tape to fix the poster. We will not make it available on site.
  5. The Scientific Committee will designate the Evaluation Committee, which will visit the abstracts exhibited. The presence of one of the authors is mandatory at the date and time stablished the presentation. Changes in date and time will not be allowed.

Click here and check your presentation’s time - 21/11

Click here and check your presentation’s time - 22/11



Hormone Research in Paediatrics Award: best oral presentation abstract
Slep Oral Award: second best oral presentation abstract
Slep Poster Award: best poster presentation abstract



After the end of the event, an online certificate will be conferred to the submitting author, who will be responsible for passing it to the other authors. Only 1 (one) certificate will be emitted per presented abstract. The abstracts certificates will be available according to the author’s registration order.

Important: the certificates will not be sent to the attendee’s e-mail




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